Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How to get over a potato chip addiction.

Replace it with popcorn.


In all seriousness though, potato chips are a problem for me. I cannot be trusted near an open bag of chips. I almost can't be trusted near a closed bag of chips. Hungry or not, I will eat them anyways. I used to eat a big bag of chips for supper at least once a week. In addition to the small bag I probably ate at work that day. And probably the chocolate bar, too. 

Potato chips are a trigger food for me. Always have been. Always will be.

They are no longer on my grocery list. 

And when fruit or veggies just won't cut it, and I have proven that I can't eat just one chip (remember that slogan?) popcorn works like a charm for me.

I rarely have microwave popcorn, occasionally it will be air popped, and most often I do it old school with oil, salt, pepper, and seeds on the stove.

I am nowhere even close to being perfect, and Christ knows that I have spent this entire summer sliding down a slippery slope, but I'd like to think that choosing popcorn over potato chips as my salty crunchy snack is one small thing that I still do better now than I used to.

How do you like yours? Any neat tricks for flavour? I wanna know!



Jennifer S said...

Hi (wave, wave)...I'm an avid reader if you didn't know :P Anyway, I haven't had popcorn in a while but one combo I love is air popped, topped with crushed black pepper and fresh grated parmesan. A little goes a long way! Yum!

1qtnewf said...

I am a HUGE fan of the crushed black pepper on popcorn - it is a MUST. :) I have never tried fresh grated parm, though....you can bet I will though!

I love hearing how people make their popcorn...it gives me ideas. :)

1qtnewf said...

Oh! And hi! hi! back to you!

Erin Marshall said...

Good Gawd! I LOVE popcorn.
I wish I took the time to make it more often. I have an ingenious popcorn maker that uses direct heat and oil - the ONLY way to prepare this food of the Gods as far as I'm concerned.

1qtnewf said...

So nice to "meet" a fellow popcorn enthusiast!!! We seem to be a rare breed, actually...which baffles my mind.

What is this ingenious popcorn maker you speak of?? Do tell!!

Julie Crossman said...

So, I loooove popcorn, and have the same problem you do with potato chips but - have you EVER had dehydrated okra? (p.s.Do you know what okra is? an astonishing number of people do not) Any way it is super tasty and healthy and as addicting as potato chips! And a great source of energy for things like running (bleh) :)

Anonymous said...

I like it with Seasoned Salt. My Grammy used to make it that way, so it's probably more about nostalgia than anything else!