Friday, August 2, 2013

Family. The ties that bind. And choke.

I flew to Regina last Thursday to be with my little sister the week before her wedding.

Since I kind of bullied my way into being her Maid Of Honour, I felt that it was only right to come out early to try and pitch in where I could with the details that were left: Stagette party, errands, make up, nails, hair consultations, and as of yesterday......running interference with our mom:

Coming up with ideas to keep her awake and sober till bedtime. 
Trying to avoid the liquor store at all costs.
Doing her nails.
Trying to be a buffer, and keep the peace.
Splitting the bill at lunch.
Me, keeping my legs covered at all costs, to avoid the mean comments.

So far, not so bad.

Especially since sister and I were on our way to the airport yesterday to pick mudder up, and we both confessed that we were nervous. I haven't seen mom in 2 years, sister hasn't seen her in 1.5.

Sister: I'm nervous. Like, I could be sick, and my stomach is in knots.

Me: I'm nervous too. 

Sister: I'm afraid that she is going to start in with her opinions on the wedding, and that when I give her the gift I got her, she'll say "I don't want that!"

Me: I'm afraid she is going to comment on how much weight I have gained back and that she'll tell me how fat I am.

Sister: How sick! And how sad. We are grown women, on our way to pick up our mother, and we're both ready to hurl.

She's right. It IS sick. And it's definitely not the way it should be. And not the way we would both like it to be.

We don't hurl, thankfully. Instead, we put on smiles, dish out hugs, go to lunch and navigate our limited time as best we can.

When this is all you have ever known, what else is there to do?


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Anonymous said...

You do the best you can to minimize damage to yourself while trying to keep peace. And you appreciate the support and love you get from your sibling. And you realize that your are smart and gorgeous and wonderful and you know what to do to keep yourself that way. Congratulations!